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Oscar Bear

This next session is a really special one. <3 After Sam and Emily booked me for their wedding day, they asked if we could do something a little different for their engagement photos.

Their sweet pup Oscar was diagnosed with Degenerative Myelopathy (ALS for dogs) not too long ago. Instead of doing engagement photos, they asked if we could instead do a special session with Oscar, as they weren't sure how long he had left. Of course my answer was immediately, "yes,".

We met at Edgewater Park (the place where they used to walk Oscar regularly) for the session. Even with DM, Oscar did an awesome job and even went for a swim in Lake Erie! He's a sweet soul and it's so clear how much he is loved by his mom and dad.

I am so happy we were able to get some lovely photos of them all together. To work with two people so invested in their pup, they requested a session with him instead of their own engagement shoot.....that's beyond beautiful.

Thanks again, Sam and Emily, for sharing your sweet boy with me!

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