Morgan & Dan’s Engagement Session // Gervasi Vineyard, Canton, Ohio

From the first email, Morgan, Dan, and I were friends. It was that instant meant-to-be vibe that kicked off our first meeting (where we hung out at Starbucks and chatted about our dogs!!), our exciting engagement session planning (filled with happy dancing gif texts), and of course, last week when we spent the evening taking gorgeous photos during golden hour!

We started at their beautiful home so we could get some photos with their sweet pup, Addie. She was so happy (and loved peanut butter!) and the photos show how much fun we had. After, we headed over to the unbelievably gorgeous Gervasi Vineyard in Canton, Ohio for some more photos. I hadn’t visited until we went, and holy moly was it amazing!!! Just... wow. The whole place is like Disney World for wine lovers and food eaters, not to mention the grounds are impeccable. From a lake surrounded by weeping willows to the villas adorned with string lights and fountains... it is a photographer’s dream.

My favorite was getting photos of Morgan and Dan in the vineyard, especially as the golden hour intensified right before we finished. As you can tell, they are naturals behind the camera! The whole time they were smiling and happy, and their genuineness really shows in all of their photos.

After, we didn’t let the fun stop there! We had dinner/drinks and chatted for the rest of the evening (again, they are exactly my kind of couple!). Definitely such a highlight of the week!

Thanks again Morgan, Dan, and Addie for such a magical evening!

engaged couple sits on porch swing with their dog near akron ohio
aussie with bandana stands on porch in akron ohio
man and woman hold their aussie dog during an engagement session near cuyahoga falls ohio
dog sniffs the camera during engagement photos near akron ohio
engaged couple hold hands and walk together at gervasi vineyard in canton ohio
engaged couple eskimo kiss under weeping willow tree at gervasi vineyard
engaged couple hug and laugh during engagement session at gervasi vineyard
engaged couple look out towards a lake at gervasi vineyard
engaged couple look at one another during session at gervasi vineyard
engaged couple laugh and hug during engagement session at gervasi vineyard
engaged couple hug during engagement session at gervasi vineyard
engaged couple laugh and dance during sunset at gervasi vineyard
engagement ring sits on grapevine at gervasi vineyard
engaged couple kiss and embrace during golden hour at gervasi vineyard

Thanks again, Morgan, Dan and Addie for such a wonderful evening!

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