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Nina & Luke // Script Sign, Abbey Ave., Cleveland, Ohio

What can I say about Nina and Luke other than they are TOTAL rock stars! We met at the Abbey Avenue Cleveland Script sign near the famous (and delicious) Sokolowski’s University Inn! Right away, both Nina and Luke were super friendly, down-to-earth, and super enthusiastic about their photos! What I love about this particular sign, is how it overlooks Cleveland from across the Cuyahoga River. The view from this location is just stunning, and we definitely took advantage of its beauty.

More about Nina and Luke!

How did you two meet?

We were working at the same salon in Rocky River and became best friends.

What is your favorite thing to do together?blogsto

We love family time! Movie and pizza nights!

Do you have a song?

I don't think we have a song, but he does laugh at my singing! :)

What is your favorite thing about Cleveland?

The life of the city! You can feel the energy Cleveland has. There's so much to do, you can have a night out on the town, visit a local market or even a fun family event. We have it all!

If someone was coming to visit Cleveland, what would you tell them to do?

Visit downtown Cleveland or even take a Lolly the Trolley tour that will show you everything Cleveland has to offer. We really have come a long way and have so many plans in the making. Also, for the family the Cleveland Natural History Museum is so cool!

Anything else you'd like to share?

We have a beautiful little boy who is the light of our life! We feel so blessed to spend the rest of our life together growing and raising our family. We have so much to be thankful for, so much to look forward to and so much love!

Man and woman stand close to one another with the Cleveland skyline in the background
Man and woman kiss near the Cleveland Script Sign on Abbey Avenue
Man and woman dance together in front of the Cleveland, Ohio skyline
Couple pose together in a hug under a bridge in Cleveland, Ohio
Woman and man hold hands and look into each other's eyes in Cleveland Ohio
Portrait of man and woman standing near a Cleveland view
Man and woman slow dance on grass with the Cleveland skyline in the background
Man and woman portrait through the Cleveland "C" sign
Man and woman snuggle together with their eyes closed with the Cleveland skyline
Man and woman stand and look at one another with the city skyline in the background
Man and woman stand with one another on a grassy hill in Cleveland
Man and woman eskimo kiss by the Cleveland Script sign
Man and woman stand with their hands held with Cleveland bridges in the background
Man and woman kiss right next to the Cleveland script sign
Man and woman kiss underneath bridge near Ohio City, Cleveland, Ohio


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