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Myles’s In-Home Session

This next session is so stinkin’ cute! I can’t believe it has been SEVEN years since I first met Krista and PJ, when Krista and I were both at UConn in our grad school program. Since then, I’ve taken many Muise Family photos, and Myles is the newest baby to make his debut! At just over 3 months old, he already is a heartbreaker with his curious eyes and playful smiles. We had a lovely time taking photos in his nursery, filled with lots of natural light and relaxing moments! Krista even put him in a wait for it…. French Bulldog onesie, because of course she knows how much I’m a fan! :D

Myles is such a calm and sweet little baby, and you can definitely see it in all of the photos! Thanks again, Krista and PJ, for sharing Myles with me! :)

Mom and dad kiss baby on the cheeks in the daylight
Dad and baby sit on bed together as baby giggles
Mom and baby cuddle and hug in the daylight
Mom and baby play in his nursery during the daylight
Little baby in a french bulldog onesie looks curiously
Dad and baby sit together on bed
Mom and dad photos with baby being held and smiling
Mom smiles and holds baby near a light filled window
Dad snuggles and kisses baby in a nursery
Dad and baby hug and baby is curious
Mom kisses the top of the baby's head and looks out a window
Mom smiles and cuddles baby
Mom and dad hold and cuddle baby
Little baby sits on a blue blanket and looks around
Mom and dad hold baby in nursery and play with his fingers
Dad smiles and holds baby upward
Little baby holds his hands together and makes a curious face
Little baby lays down and looks curiously at the camera
Dad holds baby and smiles as baby makes a curious face


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