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Megan + Brian's Engagement Session // Medina, Ohio and Blue Hen Falls, Cuyahoga Valley National

This next engagement session was so fun, I wish we could do it all over again! Megan and I went to middle and high school together (those were the days!) and started chatting about her big day about a year or so ago. From the beginning, I could tell how excited she was about her wedding plans, Brian, and of course planning an engagement session with their pup, Maya!

When the time came to plan out their photos, we landed on two locations that allowed us to have Maya off-leash as well as some adventuring in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. We totally lucked out that day as we shot before and after a huge storm that blew through the area. Now, rain doesn’t at all mean we can’t do a session, but this was a torrential downpour situation that also included pelting hail and lightning strikes (it got real). Somehow, our travel time was during the storm, leaving our shooting time in the clear!

I have to also applaud Megan and Brian for their uninhibited sense of adventure. The plan was to photograph at Blue Hen Falls, but it was incredibly muddy and slippery from the car to the trail. We all trekked on anyway (Megan, with her high heels in hand!) as we climbed our way down to the base of the falls. Let me just say --- worthhhhh it! I think I said “OMG, OMG, YES!!!” about fifty times during their session, because it was just that good. After we got the last few shots of them slow dancing in the water (yeah, committed!), we climbed back up the ravine and made it back to our cars before night fell.

What an incredible time with such a sweet, down-to-earth couple! Thank you for the adventuring and I can’t wait for your big day this July!

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