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The Mackey Family

This past weekend I got to spend a fun Saturday morning with the Mackey family! We did a fun in-home session that included hugs, kisses, and lots of playing! Anna was super excited because the whole family was going Easter egg hunting later that day, and she could hardly contain her joy! She also was a great big sister and held her brother, Jack, for some cute sibling snaps.

Their playroom was lovely and filled with natural light; perfect for reading, playing with their toy kitchen, and Jack showing off his crawling skills! One of my favorite moments of the session was taking photos of the whole family on the living room couch. As I have mentioned before, in-home sessions are excellent for genuine and unscripted moments; what better way to see a family than in their natural habitat? Everyone was so happy and the hugs just kept coming! You can tell that they are very happy and close, and the photos are a great way to remember these moments!

Last but not least, we ventured outside and had so much fun in the snow and sun! Anna showed me the rock that was named after her (too cute!!) and also pointed out the little river behind their house. It was an incredibly fun day with a very awesome family!! Thanks so much for having me, Mackey family! :)

family sits on the couch near a sunny window and hugs

family sits on couch and laughs with one another

small girl holds her baby brother who is smiling on the couch

small girl holds her baby brother who is laughing on the couch

little girl and baby brother rough house on the couch

little girl lays on the floor holding her giraffe

little girl and dad are laughing as the dad tickles her

little boy holds his favorite basketball and shows his two front teeth

smiling family sits on the couch together with plush toy giraffe

family sits on the couch and laughs together

dad and little baby boy hug and laugh on couch

mom holds little girl and smiles in a sunny room

mom hugs her two children, a little girl and a baby boy

little girl walks in the snow with polka dot jacket

little boy being held by his mom

little girl stands proudly on a rock in the sun


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