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The Lavin Family // Mattapoisett, Massachusetts

There’s something really special about growing with families as a photographer. I get to see them when they’re brand new; baby fuzz, tiny fingers and toes, and smelling like fresh baby powder and lotion, all the way until they’re telling me about school and showing me their new baby sister or brother. I have been so lucky to watch the Lavin family grow since meeting them in 2011. This last session was especially special, because it was the first time their newest addition, Rory!

We went down to a local beach (that was suuuuuper pretty) for some fun in the sand! Not only did we get a lot of cute shots all together, the second half of our time was candids of everyone having a great time! Emily is the oldest and loved showing me all the seashells she found along the water’s edge. My favorite part was when the whole family helped write “Lavin” in the sand with the shells they collected. Both Graeme and Finn were a big help bringing buckets of sea water up to the hole they were digging. Needless to say, it was a very fun and productive afternoon!

Closer to the end of the session, the tide was just right for us to cross over onto a sandbar for some last shots during golden hour. They are such a beautiful family and I loved photographing them as a family of six for the first time. I can’t wait for all the sessions we will have in the future!

Thanks again for such a wonderful time, Lavin Family!

family smiles together on a beach for their session in cleveland ohio
happy family of five are sitting together on a picnic blanket on a beach
family laughs and has a nice time together at the beach
family session at the beach with mom and four kids
older siblings hold new baby sister at the beach for family session
little baby girl in jean dress is held by her dad in family session
big sister and brothers hold new baby sister on a picnic blanket at the beach
three kids are digging up the sand at the beach
little girl is smiling and sitting on a picnic blanket at the beach during family photo session
little boy holds bucket of water playing at the beach
mom and little boy stand together on the beach looking for seashells
mom and baby are together as they smile at one another
little boy waves from the beach during family session
two boys are walking on the beach
mom and little baby are together during a beach session
little girl holds a crab leg on the beach
little boys and their dad look at the beach water
little girl smiles and looks at the ocean
dad and little boys look out to the ocean at family session
little boys stand in the ocean on the rocks
seashells in the formation of a name on the beach sand
little girl stands on the beach watching the ocean waves during family session
little boys and dad look for seashells on the beach
mom and little girl look for seashells on the beach together
little boy digs up the sand during family session at the beach
little girl holds seashells and smiles on the beach at family session
little girl pours bucket of water into her brother's bucket during family session at the beach
little girl and boy are smiling into the camera at the beach
little girl is running in front of her family during her family's session
little girl smiles during her family's session
family holds hands together during family session
family stand together on the beach during family session


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