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Hodges Family Session // Bethesda, Maryland

It’s crazy to think in 2013 I had newly moved to DC, just started my first “adult” job, and had no idea where photography would eventually lead me in 5 years. The Hodges Family is one of the first families I ever photographed, and we still get together 2-3 times a year to get updated photos of their beautiful, growing family! Last month, I went down to DC again for a wonderful time with them and a few more families I just love photographing for.

Located in beautiful Bethesda, our session was perfect with tons of sunshine, giggling, and bubbles! My favorite parts of the session, were photographing Ollie practicing his walking and big brother, Taylor, showing me how to properly blow bubbles. There’s always tons of fun to be had with the Hodges Family, and I can’t wait until our next session! Thanks for having me!

Two little boys hug and kiss on a carpeted floor
Two brothers smile and hug on a couch
Brothers giggle, laugh, and crawl on the ground
Mom and son hold hands as the boy learns to walk
A woman in a blue dress holds her son close who is wearing a blue plaid shirt
Little boy plays with bubbles outside in the sunshine
Mom holds little boy who is looking at bubbles
Dad holds son and plays with him as he giggles
Mom laughs and plays with son on a porch
Mom plays and tosses son in the air


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