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The Caples Family // April 22nd 2018

When I was little, my favorite place to play was outside in my parents’ backyard. It was filled with little hills, tons of trees, and an old barn that we liked to play in. Pretending to be kings and queens riding on horses (AKA bikes) or making mud soup were always popular afternoon activities. There’s something really magical about having no limits on imagination, and that’s why I loooooooooove photographing family sessions!

I met the Caples family at beautiful Camp Ondawa, where Amy (Mom) is the Director! We had a lot of fun walking the grounds, taking photos, and learning more about the camp. Quinn who is two years old was a little shy in the beginning, but couldn’t help warming up to us after Joe put an orange cone on his head like a hat. :) Pretty soon we were searching tree stumps that the camp kids had made into fairy houses for signs of fairy life! Quinn loved placing pine cones and sticks on top of each one to decorate and did a fantastic job!

The Caples family has such a loving and genuine energy, and you can clearly see it in their photos. Quinn loved showing her parents everything she was doing, and I am so happy I could capture her excitement. To make it even better, Amy is due with their second baby this May! In only a few weeks time, I’ll be at the hospital photographing his/her Fresh 48 -- can’t wait!

Thanks again Caples family and see you soon!

Little girl playing with a stick in the woods

Family of three laughing and hugging

Little girl laughing and hugging with her dad

Little girl playing with a stick and laughing

Little girl in yellow dress playing with a tree stump

Little girl playing with a stick and giggling

Mom in a turquoise dress holding her pregnant belly

Little girl with a giant stick laughing

Little girl smiling and looking away

Little girl is excited and laughing with her parents

Little girl laughing and smiling at the camera with dad

Little girl plays with a pinecone

Mom in turquoise dress holds her belly


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