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Amanda + Brian's Surprise Proposal!

It’s a pretty banner day when I have a surprise proposal on the agenda, but it’s OMG-I’M-NOT-CRYING-YOU’RE-CRYING when it’s happening to two of my loveliest friends! So, when Brian told me about his plans this past winter, it was an immediate yes as far as #allthephotos and being there for the happy celebration.

Amanda and I met in 2011 when we both started grad school together. It was clear from the start that my weirdo personality and her weirdo personality went together like a skit on SNL. We are always laughing, adventuring, or talking about the most random of topics (like how we would make great undercover detectives). I also think our mutual love for dogs has always been a key factor in our friendship (did I mention we both have and love French Bulldogs?!) Additionally, Amanda is one of the most sincere and thoughtful humans I have ever known, and it just makes me so so so happy to see her and Brian together.

Speaking of Brian (yeah Brian, you knew this was coming!), he’s just the bomb dot com! The first time I officially met him was when he and Amanda came to Vermont for a visit. It was clear from the start that they have amazing chemistry; they go together like two peas (with their adorable pup, Rue)! Seeing them all together as a happy family made for a wonderful weekend together!

Fast forward to their proposal weekend! We all met up in Pittsburgh, we checked out their AirBnB (cue epic view alert) and headed towards the Duquesne Incline. The weather was sunny and warm and the platform situated next to the incline was the perfect spot for Brian to propose! As you can see, it was beautiful/perfect/happy/amazing and all the other things you could want for two friends in love.

Thanks Amanda and Brian for including me in your special day!

And I couldn't resist posting this one (because shenanigans make the world go 'round!)


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