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Leah + Pete's In-Home Session // March 18th 2018

I am so excited to blog about this next one as it features my super wonderful (and talented/smart/beautiful/successful/etc.) friend, Leah! This past year, I met Leah and it was like meeting my long lost twin. To say that we had instant “friend chemistry” is an understatement -- by then end of the first week knowing each other, I wished I could have another wedding just so Leah could be in it! :) Additionally, Leah is SUPER creative and is a graphic designer by trade, so obviously we have so much to talk about. It’s wonderful having someone to bounce ideas of (and gush about everything Finding someone who really “gets you” doesn’t come often, especially after college, so this friendship coming along was such a refreshing and happy time!

I went up to Leah and her partner Pete’s house to do a cozy in-home session at their new house in the mountains! After moving there last year, they welcomed two, sweet kittens (Monty and Willow) into their home, and it truly is such a happy place to live. From the wood stove to Leah’s sun-filled office (yeah, she is a graphic designer AND gets to work from her fabulous abode), it’s truly an absolute dream :).

The thing I love about in-home sessions is how comfortable my families and couples are in their own homes. When I was growing up (in Cleveland, Ohio!) I remember so many familiar things about our family home, like the tile in the foyer, the big picture window in our living room, the fireplace and how we liked to stand on it like a stage --- so many memories that really defined that part of my life. It’s wonderful to preserve these memories for others, and I highly recommend everyone does it at some point! :) This is exactly what we did at Leah and Pete’s! As all of my sessions are, we ditched formalities and took photos of Leah, Pete, Monty, and Willow in their natural space, telling jokes, stories, and trying out different spots to feature. We then took some fun photos outside in the fresh snow, taking photos with Leah’s favorite blanket (from Sacks ) and enjoying the beautiful, winter sunshine. Last but not least, we finished with some sweet snaps of Leah and Pete making pizza together, one of their FAVORITE past times! The session was SO MUCH FUN and I’m so happy we were able to spend the day together. Thanks Leah and Pete!

woman holding a cat standing by a window
man and woman standing near window in home
sleepy striped cat laying on a couch
woman and man sitting on a couch and laughing
woman and man holding two white and tan striped cats in their arms
man whispering something into a woman's ear and making her laugh out loud
black and white photo of man and woman cuddling on a couch
man and woman sitting on the couch together giggling and cuddling
two cats being held by a man and woman with big yellow eyes
woman holding a cat near a window and nuzzling it with her face
woman and man standing in the sunlight looking at one another and smiling
man and woman standing with their foreheads together holding one another
man and woman sitting across from each other looking at each other with mugs
man and woman cuddling in the winter sunlight with a blanket
woman laughing as she sits on the ground with a man holding her coffee mug
black and white photo of man and woman sitting on the ground with mugs as a cat walks by
black and white photo of man and woman clasping hands in a kitchen
two sets of feet wearing loafers standing across from each other with sunlight in between
man and woman cuddling with a blanket and hugging
two cats with big yellow eyes sitting on a man and woman's lap looking at the viewer
man is stretching out pizza dough as a woman watches in a kitchen
overhead photo of man's hands putting pizza toppings on a pizza
two sets of hands putting ingredients on a pizza
a ladle stirring sauce around a pizza crust
man and woman putting pizza toppings and cheese onto a pizza and laughing
a woman's handle sprinkling cheese onto a pizza
a colorful pizza full of toppings

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