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Leah's Brand Session

One of my most favorite things (ever) is getting to work with other amazing creatives! That’s exactly what I got to do working with my best friend, Leah, who is a graphic design GENIUS and fabulous lady-boss! (You will also recognize her from a previous in-home session that I did with her partner Pete and their two beautiful kitties. :)

What I love about working with Leah, is that she has such vision and energy behind her creative mindset. When I look at her designs, the words “innovative” and “vibrant” are at the top of my list, and her talent shines through each project she does. Take a look at her work here!

Leah’s work space is also such an awesome place to create --- filled with natural light, tons of clean, beautiful aesthetics, and of course, plants! Thanks for having me, Leah! :)

Woman's hand writing with a golden pen on a desk
Woman sitting at her iMac working in Photoshop
Woman's hand on a brightly colored notebook with pen.
White striped cat sits on a desk and stares

Also, here's a sampling of Leah's awesome work!


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