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The NEKTones Session // Hoosick Falls, NY

This next session is a creative's dream come true. A few weekends ago I headed over to Akin Studios located in downtown Hoosick Falls, NY to photograph the mega-talented band, The NEKTones. Not only did I get to photograph in an amazing studio (it's a newly renovated and expanded space), all the band members were super friendly and awesome to work with! I had tons of fun snapping away as they rehearsed, especially since I got to try out an awesome new trick I learned from Sam Hurd. It's called "the ring of fire" and was achieved by using a spare guitar slide and some afternoon sunlight! We ended the day with some snow ball fighting and photographing a bit in a new Hoosick Falls restaurant and art space, Byte. Hope you enjoy the photos! Happy Friday!

band member drumming on drum set in studio setting

piano player playing in a studio setting

musician singing into microphone in a studio

light rings around guitar player in studio setting

black and white photo of guitarists playing in band

light ring around drummer in band

light ring around pianist's hands playing keyboard

guitar amp in low light

reflection of windows on studio wall

band member playing drum set in studio setting

organ keys and buttons in studio light

light rings around pianist

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