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Fournier Family // South Windsor, Connecticut

Happy Friday! This next session is so special, because it features the Fournier Family who I've known since I first moved to New England! I hope you enjoy and laugh out loud at all the cuteness. :)

Location: Nevers Park, South Windsor, Connecticut

It's kind of crazy when I think back to the first time I met Angela and Maurice. I was in graduate school and had just recently moved to the area, not really knowing many people, but very excited to start photographing in New England. I remember the first time we chatted -- they were incredibly nice and so unbelievably sweet. What I loved most about being their wedding photographer, was how excited and truly happy they were about taking this next step. It wasn't just about the wedding, it was about the marriage and their commitment to one another.

Flash forward to June 2018, and we are once again together having a ball taking photos, but this time we have their two adorable twins in toe! I've had such a wonderful time photographing Colton and Amelia as they've grown, and their personalities are so fun to photograph {especially when there's flower picking and fire engines involved}! This time, we met at one of my favorite parks in South Windsor, Connecticut! Nevers Park is beautiful and the perfect spot to just play and be happy. Whether it's a family session or a wedding, I can't emphasize enough that my style is about having fun.

I hope you enjoy these sweet moments – thank you to Angela, Maurice, Amelia, and Colton for spending your afternoon with me! :)

Little boy runs with his hands out looking at the ground in Connecticut
Little girl in a striped, flowery dress stands with a flower in her hand in South Windsor, CT
Dad and daughter are in a field together and the girl has flowers
Little boy and girl standing in the woods, the little boy has his tongue out.
Little girl stairs out of the top of a slide and points.
Little girl and mom run through grass and have lots of fun.
Little boy stands on the top of a jungle gym
Mom and daughter cuddle sitting on a bench
Little boy sits in a toy fire engine and pretends to drive
Little boy stands in a jungle gym and looks down the slide
Little boy sticks his tongue out standing on the top of a slide.
Dad pushes little girl in a swing as she smiles and laughs
Little girl swings and smiles as she has fun on the swing set
Little girl walks through a beautiful garden
Little girl and her mom look at florals in a garden
Little girl slides down a slide

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