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Erik and Amanda // Ohio City, Cleveland, Ohio

Location: Ohio City

This next session with Erik and Amanda in Ohio City was so wonderful. First of all, they are both super kind and sweet, and you can tell from the photos (and in person!) that they truly love one another deeply. No matter what the setting or what silly jokes I asked them to say (yes, it is a thing!) they were just so clearly happy to be spending the time together, smiling, hugging, and just enjoying one another. Second, Ohio City is one of my favorite places in all of Cleveland! It’s artsy, quirky, and has such a warm, neighborhood feel. Amanda and Erik were game for anything, and we got to go to so many places, including Great Lakes Brewery, Mitchell’s ice Cream, and of course, the West Side Market! I seriously get to work with the BEST couples and can’t wait to continue my dream here in Cleveland. Thanks again, Amanda and Erik! :)

More about Amanda and Erik!

How did you two meet?

We both went to Bowling Green State University, but we didn't know each other during that time. It was after we both had graduated that a mutual friend set us up.

What is your favorite thing to do together?

Hiking and biking in the Metroparks with our kids!

Do you have a song?

"Such Great Heights" by The Postal Service

What is your favorite thing about Cleveland?

Like LeBron said, “It’s Cleveland Against The World”. We both love Cleveland's gritty, underdog spirit. We are drawn to Cleveland for it's down-to-earth, blue collar roots, mixed with its appreciation for art, music, and culture.

If someone was coming to visit Cleveland, what would you tell them to do?

Definitely the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! Also, check out all of the fabulous breweries, especially Great Lakes, which is our favorite. The Westside Market and the Art Museum are also beloved spots of Clevelanders.

Husband and wife smile and sit on a bench outside of a restaurant in Ohio City
Husband laughs with wife as they sit in Cleveland Ohio
Purple and white pansies in a garden box outside a restaurant in Ohio City, Cleveland, Ohio
Husband and wife hold hands and walk down a brick street in Cleveland
Husband and wife cuddle outside the Great Lakes Brewery mural in Ohio City
Man and wife hold hands outside of the great lakes brewing company mural
Husband and wife dip and kiss outside the Ohio City, Great Lakes Brewery mural
Man and wife stand kissing under the Ohio City Mitchell's Ice Cream kitchen and shop
Man and wife slow dance under a tree near the Ohio City Mitchell's Ice Cream shop
Husband and wife hug and laugh outside the Mitchell's Ice Cream Shop in Ohio City
Husband and wife kiss outside Cleveland, Ohio's Westside Market!
The official Ohio City sign with husband and wife standing near a brick wall
Husband and wife look at each other and smile in Ohio City
Husband and wife stand in the shade of a tree in downtown Ohio City


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