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The Cowden Family // Needwood Park, Derwood, Maryland

Cowden Family Session // Needwood Park, Derwood, Maryland

Wow, has June flown by already! Living between Vermont and Ohio, house hunting (...with the best realtor ever! Thanks, Morgan!), and planning ahead for our brand new adventures in our hometown has totally flipped our lives in a VERY good way! Life is currently a dance between everything and figuring out what’s next after the “official” move. One of the things I am looking forward to is having all of my pups together again. Our two eldest are in Cleveland with my parents (AKA grandma and grandpa’s land of fun) and our two youngest are with us until the big move is over.

Last month, before we knew for sure how everything was shaking out, I had a mini vacation down in the DC area to photograph some awesome families who I met while living there in 2013. The Cowden Family has been behind the camera many times, and each time is always packed with SO MUCH FUN. I mean, the first time I met Marina we ran around and got tons of candid shots of her being her beautiful, whimsical self. Flash forward 5 years, and she is still ever so vibrant and energetic! Her brother, James, is always right behind her as they go on fun adventures. It’s always such a joy to photograph the Cowden Family and I already am looking forward our next session!

Little girl and boy in formal clothes sit together on a bench and rough house
Dad holds son and mom and daughter do a piggy back ride in Derwood, MD
Little girl smiles for the camera next to a lake by Needwood Lake
Little girl and boy sit on bench and smile in the forest.
Little boy laughs and giggles as he stands in front of his sister in Maryland.
Mom and kids pose and smile in the woods of Derwood, MD
Little girl stands by the lake and looks upon the surface
Little girl and boy hug and goof around on a bench in Maryland


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