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The Calabrese Family // Horseshoe Lake Park, Shaker Heights, Ohio

The moment Joe and I arrived for the Calabrese family session, I knew it was going to be so much fun. Cat and Marty were so nice and introduced us to their super sweet and energetic kids, Noelle and Joey. It only took MAYBE 30 seconds before Noelle was asking me to take her photo over and over again :). Joey was also really excited for photos, and kept showing us everything he found. Whether it was a tree he was hugging or a bug he was holding, we was alllll about the show-and-tell!

The background for our session was beautiful Horseshoe Lake Park nestled right in Shaker Heights, Ohio. It’s such a perfect place for photos, as there’s tons of greenery and hiking trails for families and friends to explore. My favorite part of the session was how excited both Noelle and Joey were about nature! Noelle even made a friend with a little worm she found underneath a nearby log. It was the perfect way to end such a fun session!

Thanks again for all the fun, Calabrese Family!

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