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Becky + Marcus // Wedding in The Berkshires

Location: Lee, Massachusetts

Prepare for alllllll the beautiful ahead! This next wedding nestled at The Lakehouse Inn in Lee, Massachusetts completely took my breath away!

The first time I talked to Becky on the phone last summer, I knew instantly that we would be fast friends. She was friendly and down-to-earth, and when she told me more about her wedding day plans, I got even more excited! (She is also a teacher, so of course I was giddy!) As she told me more about the very intimate and beautiful lakeside wedding she and her fiance Marcus were planning in gorgeous Lee, Massachusetts, I wrote down my notes with such happy excitement. Flash forward to this June, and it was like watching a real-life fairy tale in the Berkshires!

The New England summer delivered perfect weather on the day of their wedding. I remember walking up the driveway to the inn, totally gushing over the golden rays coming through the leafy bushes and maple trees (it was that good!). Behind the back of the inn was a beautiful white tent, decorated with the prettiest twinkle lights and long tables of candles and florals.

By the way, the artistry of the florals was crazy unbelievable -- I must have said “Oh. My. God. Do you see these??” to Joe more than 10 times that evening! The blend of creams and emerald greens were something you would see at a royal wedding, but better! ;) Not to mention I am such a sucker for eucalyptus garlands!

When I think back on the day, one of the moments that really sticks out for me is right before Becky and Marcus walked down to the arch to be married. Their friends were gathered in a circle, chatting softly as the officiant gathered his notes. As I knelt down to get myself in position, I could see them in the doorway of the inn, looking at one another. Unprompted and completely as themselves, they genuinely looked so happy and excited to take that walk together. And it was so clear to me, in that moment, what love truly is.

A man and woman look at each other dressed for their wedding day in a doorway in the Berkshires

As they held hands, exchanged rings, and sealed their marriage with a kiss, their friends cheered and celebrated with them throughout the evening. Thank you so much Becky and Marcus for including us in your special day! Wishing you all the happiness in the world!

A bride walks down the stairs and you can see the back of her wedding dress
Wedding decor, including a plate and eucalyptus garland is setup in a rustic tent
Twinkle lights are setup in a woods setting
A wedding centerpiece made of cream florals is on a rustic dining table at a wedding reception in the berkshires
A creamy rose boutonniere with a man and wife holding hands and laughing
Wedding rings stacked on top of each other on a pale rock
Bride and groom are standing near each other and laughing
Eucalyptus garland is strewn across a rustic looking reception table
creamy and emerald green bridal bouquet with tons of extra leaves and flowers
Bride stands smiling and laughing with her bouquet in hand
Bride and groom smile and stand with each other on their wedding day
Bride and groom together next to a lake with their reflections
Bride and groom stand over a lake on their wedding day
Bride and groom hold hands and walk down a small pier towards the viewer
Bride and groom are standing on a pier and groom is kissing bride on the cheek
Bride and groom embrace and look at each other
Bride and groom hold hands on a pier by a lake
Bride and groom sit and smile at each other on a rock in New England
groom helps bride walk down off of a large rock they were sitting on
groom helps bride off of a rock they were on