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we have a new family member! // the kuhlman life

Hello friends! I am soooo excited to share that we have added a new family member to the Kuhlman household. Last Sunday, we went down to Connecticut and brought home our newest frenchie pup who we have named Ripley! (Named by my husband Joe after Sigourney Weaver's character in Alien -- yeah woman power!) He has such a sweet, gentle, and thoughtful personality and our other three pups love him! For those who have asked, he is a blue brindle (color). Myrtle is showing him the ropes now that she is a big sister, and Frodo and Roni love wrestling with him. We couldn't be happier with adding him to our now family of 7 (Joe, Allison, Frodo, Roni, Myrtle, Niles (kitty), and Ripley!). I'm sure you will see so much more of him on the blog and my Instagram! @allisonhopkinsphotography

Here's some of the sweet snaps from his "newborn" session I did on Monday! Note Myrtle's photobomb in the last photo! :D Would you like to book a pet session for your fur baby? They're kind of my favorite thing (understatement) and I would love to meet them! Get in touch and we will find a time for a session!

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