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Booking During COVID-19: How I Can Help You!

Hello, friend!

If you are on this page, you are most likely navigating your wedding planning in the midst of the COVID-19 Global Pandemic (sending virtual hugs!).

(My dog, Frodo Waggins, also sends hugs!)

First and foremost, I want to tell you I AM HERE FOR YOU. Even if we haven't met, you haven't booked, and you're currently all over the place with your plans.... I am here.

Here to tell you things will eventually be OK, offer you flexibility and options, and to help give you the resources you need to succeed as you move forward with your plans.

Being a friend, not a vendor, is totally my jam, and helping you through this is no different!


Here are 6 things I am doing to help and support all couples during COVID-19!

1. My contract allows you to move your wedding date in case you need to reschedule.

That's right, friend. If something happens with orders from the state or federal level, I work with you to find a new date at no extra cost to you. It's stressful enough having to move all of your plans, it shouldn't mean more money coming out of your bank account. I'm not a bank or a bill collector -- I'm a friend who wants to help you as much as I can. We can figure it out together.

2. I'm offering a complimentary one-hour session to ALL 2020 wedding couples!

Why? Because I know that even if the ban is lifted, for safety reasons, elderly family and friends might not be present at your ceremony. This complimentary session allows you to schedule a time to get fancy again and ensure you get those special photos with the ones you love.

3. I'm offering custom payment plans.

Right now, everyone's financial situation is changing, and I feel for you. If you are unable to pay your original balance all at once, I am offering a ton of flexible payment options based on what works best for you and your situation.

4. I'm wearing protective gear to your weddings.

Minimizing any potential spread and keeping you and your family members safe is my priority. That's why I will be wearing a protective mask whenever I am photographing (and ONLY photographing at ceremonies that meet the state and federal restrictions). Additionally, I use long-range lenses that allow me to get beautiful photos without compromising your safety.

5. I have backups for my backups!

It's nerve-racking trying to think of all the "what ifs?" That's why I ALWAYS have a backup photographer, second photographer, transportation, equipment, etc. ready and on hand in case something happens. Even before COVID-19, being overly prepared is part of who I am!

6. I will connect you to other fabulous wedding professionals!

I am so grateful and thankful for all of the many talented and wedding professionals in the Cleveland area. If your plans change and you need help finding more wedding pros (DJ, Florist, MUA, etc.!) I am more than happy to connect you with some amazing friends in the industry who I've worked closely with and trust.

Thanks so much for reading and drop me a note if you are currently planning your big day. I'd love to hear more about your plans and offer my help in any way I can! :)


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